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Mike Stewart


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Mike Stewart is a committed social entrepreneur. Living and working with the people of Haiti for the past eight years has fueled his belief in business development as a critical component of international aid. His previous projects have included medical outreach programs, water sanitation projects, and collaborative education support with a variety of NGOs and private charities. Within hours of the devastating earthquake of January 2010, Mike lead a team into downtown Port Au Prince, relying on his corpsman training with the US Navy to aid victims and extricate survivors. As a recognized country expert, he was tapped early on by incoming U.S. military, UN staff, and arriving aid organizations to help coordinate initial rescue and relief operations.


As Country Director for Hope for Haiti, Mike Stewart was instrumental in the expansion of their medical program, securing over $10M in pharmaceutical and medical supplies each year. He also initiated construction projects to build schools, dig wells, enhance security, and provide solar power backups to the irregular domestic power grid. But Mike’s vision always saw beyond the immediate needs of health and education to jobs and economic development as the key to lasting change. Over the years he joined forces with Haitian colleagues to launch a variety of small businesses, providing much needed economic support to the local community.


As CEO of Sitwayen Development Group, Mike works to further expand this vision, develop human capital, and invest in local Haitian companies. When he’s not honing his motocross skills deep in the mountains, you can find him managing his team and looking for every opportunity to nurture and develop economic capacity as a means to true change and wellbeing for the people of Haiti.


On top of his work in Haiti, Mike is the General Manager of Brooklyn Boulders, working on the development and expansion of their climbing facilities throughout the nation. 

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